By dfb24

Storm Damage...

Watching the news this morning we were shocked to hear that 2 days ago (the day I posted the ice on our window & mentioned the brutal wind) there were winds of 60 mph. It caused a huge storm surge on Lake Michigan that was so strong it actually knocked out sections of the monstrous rocks that form the outer harbor, which in turn opened the inner areas of the harbor to the full force of the waves. South Shore Yacht club & Park were hit very hard, with waves causing flooding that went over this entire observation/fishing deck (which is about 5-10 feet above the water, depending which part you're on) and beyond it. So of course I took my camera and went over there. There is debris both in the water and piled up along the shore. It took out boards on the deck, as you can see from my picture, and created a big crevice that actually separated half of the end of the deck from the ground (first extra). There were two guys there from the Park System and one from the Corp of Engineers, looking over all the damage. They kept telling me to be careful as they didn't want to have to rescue me, but I stayed well back. As terrible as the damage was, it was also incredibly beautiful! I took over 50 pictures, and I've put some of my favorites into the extras, so have a look. Only 32 degrees (F) out, but with the sun it was really comfortable walking around outside.  :))  (& I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the Packers beat the Seahawks last night! Next week they play the SanFrancisco 49'ers & the winner of that game goes to the Superbowl. Fingers crossed they can do it!)  :))

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