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By hobbs

Burst Shooting

The smart phone camera offensive continues. A lot of people don't realise that contemporary smart phone cameras offer burst shooting capability. This Galaxy A51 doesn't specify the frame rate but according to the counter (which pops up as one retains pressure on the virtual shutter release) the buffer tops out at 30. I am guessing but I'd reckon that the effective burst rate is about 8 fps. If someone actually finds out, please let me know.

I was in George Street and a tram came rumbling past. I had no direct control over shutter speed but with all that midday light, I figured the thing might allow me reasonably sharp pictures as I panned. Focus didn't seem to be an issue but after having done my best (without success) to invoke exposure compensation during the burst, the results are as you see. PLEASE VIEW LARGE

The camera says it shot 30 frames but I could only find 28 in all. All images are seriously over bright in my view although the intensity and character of the light (along with the washed out colours) is pretty much accurate and few highlights actually seem blown.

If I spend more time trying to utilize this thing as a serious photographic tool I shall probably need psychiatric help and so I must fall short of my originally intended month of phone blips and return to the use of a dedicated camera ... except perhaps for rare special circumstances. Thank you for your indulgence.

In summary, (for what they are worth) these have been my tyro experiences with the phone camera to date (marks out of 5:

Panoramas - 5
Landscapes in bright sunshine - 1
Digital zooming (in lieu of proper optical zooming - 2
Burst shooting - 4
Exposure control (aperture, shutter speed compensation) - 1
On board gimmicks such as "live focus" - 4
Wide angle mode - 5
"Macro" mode - 3
Overall speed of use, handling and stability - 1

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