Hobbs's Run

By hobbs

Echo Pointing

We've had another sunny day. Perfectly blue and cloudless sky. So I simply had to get out with the phone and shoot some scenery. A couple of times a year I pop along to Echo Point and shoot the Three Sisters. I felt I would have many previous experiences with which to compare today's exploits.

In short, this excursion really reminded me why I have always despised phone cameras so much. With all the dull weather we've been having, I have been able to see (however dimly) what it was that I was taking pictures of. Today, with the sun behind me, the phone's screen was completely washed out. I couldn't even see the silly on-screen controls.

Inspecting the results, later in the computer at home, revealed a litany of composition, focus, exposure, dynamic range mistakes, none of which I was able to see on site. Out of more than a dozen frames I was lucky to find an acceptable one. Even then the final quality is pretty marginal. Gee. Why bother?

I do not understand how anyone can shoot landscapes without a proper viewfinder, particularly during the remorseless blaze of Australian summer sunlight. Aaaaanyway It's all an education.

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