The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

All Set for Caravanning......

Mrs BM took the New Car up the road to get the tow bar put on, I couldn't have a back plate for bumper protection due to the sensors, but they guy did a good job.
Three hours later she picked it back up and that was that.

I went to Physio today but he didn't do much with me due to the operation I have just had, but we got all the history down and he has made some assumptions how my aches and pains have occurred. He is sure that it was from a Motor bike accident I had bake in 1970, (the one where I met Mrs BM for the first time.) but that is another story, In that accident I broke my wrist quite badly and after a while it had to be reset, and that was when the problems started.
Anyway we have made a plan to relieve the pain, so we shall see.

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