Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Sights from my Bike Ride

I finally did my first ride of 2021!  It was mostly cloudy and a little breezy but it was in the mid 50s, so not too chilly.  I rode 23 miles and I am grateful that it never got as windy as predicted!   

Top row:       Sheep at Sky Pilot Farm
                       Landscape looking south.  The small size in the collage doesn't do it justice so I've added it as my first extra.
                       American Kestrel

Middle:          Chevy 3100.  These trucks were manufactured from 1948 to 1953.  The full image is my second extra.
                       Black-tailed Prairie Dogs
                       Lagerman Reservoir

Bottom:        Great Blue Heron.  Although the range map shows them here year-round, I rarely see them in winter.  See where s/he was sitting in the next image.
                      More scenery, looking southwest.  Note the GBH under the bridge.  The full image is my third extra.
                      I rode by the dog park and it was pretty busy despite the mud.  This was my favorite shot because I caught her with all feet off the ground.

I was able to avoid icy patches on the trails and roads but I had to ride through a lot of puddles, sometimes muddy.  I am grateful for Trixie's fenders that kept me dry....but she definitely needs a bath!

Thank you to everyone who visited my journal and for all the stars and hearts!

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