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By Sallymair

Earth star

Thanks everybody for your good wishes yesterday. Hopefully the invalid will be home tomorrow feeling much better, there is some investigation to be done in the future to see what was at the root of things, but for now all is good. So thank you.
Today's displacement activity.... having spent yesterday cleaning the utility room - it's amazing how distracting it is clearing out old carrier bags, folding them neatly and arranging them in size order.... I turned to the Christmas card list.
I sorted the cards into alphabetical order then transferred the names and addresses into my new Christmas card list book.
What excitement awaits me tomorrow I wonder? As I am now self isolating in preparation for my own visit to hospital, K is going to pick up Colin and bring him home again. Their next task to support their elderly parents - that'll be us I guess - is cutting up the Christmas tree to put in the garden bin.
I went for a walk today along the cycle track. I only passed around three people over the mile and a half, all masked and keeping well away which was reassuring. On the other hand, I spotted several of these earth stars on the verges, mainly under elder trees which must provide a fertile environment.

The requirement for childcare to be provided only for those where both parents are key workers unable to work from home, means it is no longer economical for E's provider to provide after school care. More juggling for K. Once my op is over and I'm a bit more mobile I'll be able to help, but till then, poor E, no consistency yet again. She finishes school at 3.20. Her doctor mother finishes day shift at 5.30 so can't pick her up until 5.50 at the earliest.

Keep safe everybody. Edinburgh numbers are still pretty good, hopefully they'll stay that way. The vaccine programme is moving forward too.

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