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I expected to be down at Katy's early this morning, but that was cancelled so I had my usual leisurely start to the day - which now includes Wordle. For far in the know, I managed 2/6 today so was very pleased about that. It's just as well there is only 1 puzzle a day. Having said that somebody pointed me at a variation on Wordle called absurdle, which is perhaps more fiendush, but even worse, there's more than one a day... I may have to pretend not to know about that one.
Other highlights of the day included a video call with Eilidh who wanted to show me the Cross-stitch she has started doing. It's one of those on a plastic mesh rather than fabric, but she's enjoying it and trying to work out how she'll do the dog which is the subject of the picture. She hasn't really worked out the counted part of her pattern yet.
I asked Katy if there was anything she needed as I was about to head out to the supermarket, quick as a flash, Isobel came on to say that they needed lots of baby (doll) stuff as her mum hadn't put it on her online shopping list. She doesn't miss a trick that young lady! Eilidh said they had lots of baby stuff and didn't need any more!

For dinner tonight we had grilled salmon with hollandaise sauce. It's one of those things that I take great pleasure in making. That is where my blip comes in. This is actually the second of these that I've owned. They are German and are double skinned with a gap between for water - the red cap covers a hole to put more water in when needed and a wee window to check the water level. I find it invaluable when it comes to making sauces and also for doing things like melting chocolate. The sauce was delicious btw.
We watched the third episode of The Girl Before this evening followed by a programme about historic Algeria - oh I do have itchy feet, I think we'll be visiting a travel agent very soon.
Keep safe folks, keep wearing those masks too.

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