Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: The pink pass me down...

Beau is a metro sort of guy. He has inherited his big sisters pink 'onesie'. I love the new term, 'onesie'. These all in one sleep suits have been a staple winter sleep suit in our house for years. They are a great invention for kids, and perhaps adults too.

Heating oil is so expensive these days. Its around 67p a litre, and I am guessing other heating options are not much cheaper for other people either. We are lucky to have a the wood burner, which is often left to work on a large log late into the night. It is enough to take the absolute chill off the house.

Other than opting for solar panels. Common sense is the only option left. Onesies, are one of those, as is thick jumpers and socks around the house. For Beau, his pink onesie 'pass me down' is not pink, its warm hood was the selling point to a blokes bloke like Beau... he was less impressed with having a photo taken in it...x

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