Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: The Tiger Bird...

Someone told me that the best stories are made up from choosing three random objects as your focus.

This evening, I thought I would try this on my children. We decided that each child would go an find an object and that way it would be fair that everyone had contributed to the story.

Sam found a brass box, Ella found a barn owls feather and Beau found a piece of mossy wood. The story actually still had the foundations of the true beginning of each object and how that object arrived in the house. For example, the barn owl feather was taken retrieved from the fight between the huge bird and Tiger the cat. The owl was found hanging on to Tigers back, having mistaken him for something to eat.

The objects developed a fictional character. The feather it seems now belonged to a tiger bird. The most secretive of all the birds. Its striped feathers and sharp talons make it easily the most dangerous bird in the skies! The shiny tin box, was stolen from a small boy. (The boy incidentally owns nothing else, no shoes, nothing except the tin box) His mission was to find a way of retrieving it from the the 'Tiger Bird". The wood, well that became the wood from the damp mossy forest where the boy realised that the moss was soft on his bare feet and silent so he could hunt for the Tiger Bird!....

Still to be continued ..... (because in actual fact the children had cross country at school and were exhausted!)

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