Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Saturday EB

My little Santa Camel didn't get packed away in the box this year. He's been left out to cheer me up and make an occasional appearance at T@3! He's been sitting on G's sofa until he lost his welcome there, then he was on my sofa for a bit, now he's on the coffee table... I like the colour he adds to the room.

OaSis started up today and we found out how much the ladies missed not meeting up all these weeks. Oops! I guess like with lots of things (work, school, church) people will appreciate these things which might have been taken for granted.

The rest of the day passed. G had a lesson with her student in Doha. I was hoping to have a video call with SweetArt but that got postponed, so the ironing got done instead. Finished before 7:30 pm even. NICE! G has discovered how to find BBC Songs of Praise on YouTube on the TV so she's a happy baby.

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