By TynvdB

Posted By Bird of Paradise

Let me breathe and praise You and Your Name.
Thankyou for Your guidance. For really You are showing me The Way. Of course only one out of an infinite multitude of possible ways. Not exactly  the same as Your way, Willemien. Its ok to walk my litlle way, my small philosophers way, speaking of The Way.
Here I’m writing my First  Letter to You while You are somewhere on Your Eternal Journey. Remember I  wrote those fax-letters  from home to Your next traveldestination? Your Hotel in München or Milan or wherever You were travelling from Buchhandlung, Antiquebookshop to Libreria anywhere in Europe. I was so proud of Your courage to undertake these long international traintravels on Your own. Meanwhile I stayed home to care for Mischa.  And I am so grateful that You learned  me  to do my part in a responsoble and loving way. All those years.
Today, I had to solve an interruption of the oilheater. A chilly job, I did keep cool, without contained panic and succeeded! Can You explain me the metaphysics of disruption.? Why always in the weekend? Should I learn to enjoy the Sabbath in the Cold? Isn’t it enough You left me alone forever? I’m kidding. I do not feel left behind in the desert…Just an hour ago I solved another problem.: the offline-status of my printer.
But more important is the following: this morning I found courage to pick up Our Thread of Creative dancing and singing. These marvellous morningsteps which had been brokendown and off suddenly after that beautifull and Happy Saturday in June. After all these Unforgettable weeks and months unbelievably filled with Love.
And I did read  Your Kurt Schwitters-Fairytale-book. You left it on the stool next to Your readingchair before going to sleep that Summersolstice Night. It is an amazing story, a text very funny and nonsensical, absurd. But this Dada- Fairytale is written in German and utterly intranslatable. Like A Donkeybridge.Next time I will tell more  about this story and its author. But, MyDearLove , as You did know already forsure, here is this remarkable line to memorize: 
There is only one way possible: „either you are at Home or in Paradise“ .
And now I have to end and hurry up.  Your Big Bird of Paradise has knocked on the window. Its time to post for delivery. I hope You can read my clumsy handwriting, MyDearLoveYou ForEver, Your Tyn@man.

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