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By Skip

An Icy Trail Walk

The air was cold when Bob and I set out for a walk in Chagrin River Park this morning. With the temperature hovering around 32 degrees, the ground was slippery in many spots, and I was concerned about being able to stay on my feet. Halfway around the trail, I resolved to dig my ice clogs out of the closet and wear them for future cold morning walks. Nevertheless, because I was already committed this morning, I just walked very slowly and watched where I put my feet. Finally making it back to the parking lot, still on my feet, I breathed a sigh of relief! 

Other than the ice on the the trail, it was a beautiful morning for a walk, and I was happy to capture a few pictures, which I posted while enjoying a cup of cocoa after we got home. Check them out in the extras to get a sense for the trail we were walking.

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