These Shoes Were Made For Waiting...

Waiting to get our vaccine!

I wanted to get down on the floor and compose this better, but I'm paralyzed when it comes to taking pictures of strangers. I kinda shot it from my lap, pretending to look elsewhere and I suppose being quite obvious. I need stealth lessons. But nobody yelled at me, so I guess I did okay. In the future, are people going to look at this and wonder why she was wearing a mask? I thought those shoes were hilarious. 

Being in the over 75 group, we got our first Covid shots. It all went very smoothly. I haven't seen so many old people in one place since we used to usher at the local symphony. The seniors with their canes and walkers and wheelchairs were the most loyal audience; in spite of huge mobility issues they were always on time, which is way more than I can say for younger folks at pop events. I guess that was a digression, sorry. We had to go to another town for the vaccine, and I'm giddy from having an outing and from feeling that maybe we are on track for making some headway against this plague. 

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