Random Rainbows*

Accidental rainbows, hopefully casting a blessing on the newly transplanted rhubarb, which is impossible to see, but located in the dark earth just where the bright color arcs among the leaves. The backmost corner of the yard got a good clean up a couple months ago. What's left is the white compost sorting bin, on which I always meant to paint big stylized garish flowers, outlined in black. Since I can see them so clearly I've never actually bothered to do it. That is an awfully big empty space for me to feel comfortable about.  "Find a Need And Fill It," was the motto painted on the huge pink and white cement trucks that I used to see on the local highway. "Find a Space and Fill It," more likely. A chicken coop? a reading nook? a gorgeous shrubbery? 

More garden puttering today in the lovely warm sun. We seem to be doing fine after yesterday's vaccine. All is well.

* I keep wanting to write Wrandom Wrainbows. So there. I did.

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