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By Sallymair

Iris Reticulata

A friend gave me these in September as a thank you for looking after her cat. I got around to planting them in November and remembered to bring them indoors from the garage this week. They've rewarded me by flowering and they're a rather unusual colour. Two flowers at the moment and several more on the way. I love iris, both these and the various garden and pond varieties. These are the first of the year though and a reminder of pleasures to come. I'm always amazed by the magic of bulbs, just a little water and a dry brown bulb turns into a beautiful flowering plant.
We're settling into a period of isolating at the moment in prep for my op and at the same time Colin and I should keep apart until we're sure he's not brought something nasty home with him. Just a week to go now and by next Monday evening all will be over. I seem to have been waiting for ever!
The girls are doing our shopping for us which is much appreciated but does force me to be more organised than comes naturally to me.
I've found another possible dress on the JL site today, that makes 3, just need to do some judicious selecting now before the wedding. I don't want 3 dresses in the wardrobe and then to find out I can't actually attend so don't need any of them, one is enough thank you!
Numbers are continuing to slow down. It seems to be becoming clear that family get togethers over Christmas are unlikely to have caused most of this spike, it happened too quickly to blame that. It sounds like it was already well on the way due to the new variant. Still we're all here. We're all in our own wee corners, we just have to stick it our for a bit longer. Keep well and safe everybody.

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