Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Happy cats

Cleo loves bags, there's not really much else you can say - unless you're Pickle in which case you can sit by the fish tank and muse on the unfairness of life and hope that Cleo will move soon so you can take over!
Today the cleaners were in the rectory, everything is almost complete now and it's looking lovely.
I went to Morningside after lunch to take communion to one of my ladies. Lovely to see her she's always so cheery, I hope I`m the same and don't turn into a grumpy old woman!
A bit of running to and fro this afternoon and shopping in Tesco and Lidl, otherwise fairly quiet. Watched an episode of Vera this evening - our Tivo box had recorded all of the series for us and there are 10 series in total so that should keep us busy for a while. For some reason series 2 is missing but it doesn't really matter.

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