Wood Shavings

This will be my fourth 'tools' blip in a row ... must get out more!

We want to extend the height of the backs on the two chairs we bought to make them match the height of the original four chairs, so this morning, we decided to make use of the sunshine and cut the extension pieces while there was plenty of light at the front of the garage.  The wood cutting went well - much better than I expected and we now have the extensions fixed to the original backs and ready to have the foam and calico inner covering added.   Of course, the pieces of timber I had were not quite the same thickness so we have planed them down to match the originals. 

This is my father's jack-plane,  it would be at least as old as I am and aside from a new blade, is all original.

Thanks to you all for visiting - particularly for putting up with my warped sense of humour yesterday :-)

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