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By ajt

Dry feet

After breakfast we cycled the 3.5 km or so to the DIY shop to buy two 15 kg bags of wood pellets for the stove. We don't have a car or anywhere to store a palette of pellets, so we buy them in dribs and drabs... It's up hill most of the way there but except the final 100 m it's pretty much down hill all the way home, which is good as the 15 kg on the back adds quite a bit of weight to the bike.

I had a cup of tea and started to look at setting up an IPv6 name server for the house. I've got all the computers now working on IPv6 now, so the next logical step is to sort out a central naming services in the house, so everything knows where everything else is. Strictly speaking I don't actually need it, there aren't that many computers at home and I could easily manage them all in the router like most people do... In the end I couldn't be bothered so we went for a walk instead as it was nice!

Today's blip is the islands off shore from last week, but today when we got there, the causeway was dry and no one was wading through the sea. This view is from further west than last weeks picture, and you can't tell how many islands are in shot or where the causeways are, but I like the foreground on this, so that's why I picked it.

On our way back one of the nice boulangeries in two had two pieces of pudding left, so we bought them and took them home. I warmed mine up and had it with some custard, and it was very nice. For those that don't know, pudding is a French term for a bread and butter pudding made from anything unsold from the previous day. It's a bit random, but it's usually very good. The French may not know everything there is to know about food, but they are still very good and do mostly know what they are doing!

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