On the Penguin Trail

After Acupuncture this morning I took a drive around the city to find a few more Penguins. I didn't manage to get them all in this collage.

We had some sun for a while today but by the afternoon it started to 
disappeared again. It reach about 23c at one stage.

I only have two big Penguins in this collage the rest are Waddles. Waddles are painted by school children and are inside mostly Libraries.

The scene in the middle is a scene of Lyttelton were I found Little Blue, Penguin.

The Top Right: is Little Blue by Debbie Porter (Into The Wild)
Design Inspiration
Debbie has been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the little blue penguin in our local Banks Peninsula area – their beautiful and intense colour has inspired this design. For ‘Little Blue’ Debbie has used a stylised blue design to represent this little penguin. The artist wanted to add some fish, krill and squid – a penguin’s diet, as well as some of a penguin’s oceanic neighbours, such as a whale. There are some surf boards and waves also to celebrate the ocean.

Top Left: is Reti ngaru (Surf’s up) by Josh O'Rourke
Design Inspiration
Reminiscent of Hawaiian shirts and warmer waters, this design blends influences from early modernism, post-war vacation motifs and formalist painting. The playful imagery, title and penguin armature encourages younger viewers to draw links to the well-known animated children’s movie of the same name, while also employing art historical and visual references to invite deeper cognitive viewing.

Here is the link to all the Waddles

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