By CleanSteve

View over Daisybank from Stroud cemetery

Having spotted a raven flying over the house, I sought my camera and stood in the drizzle for a few minutes hoping it might return. I've never blipped one although I thought I've seen a couple near the house. Having become more active after a lull following a busy morning, I decided to dress up in waterproofs and head out into the gloom for a short walk. I went further than I'd intended as I rather enjoyed the warm but wet atmosphere, walking around the cemetery. 

A very young boy saw me on the main path up to the cemetery and asked me if I had taken any good photographs! I couldn't say 'No, could I? I said I d seen a few birds earlier and he then told me he loved birds! He was fun.

In the old cemetery above Horns Road I took some pictures for the Preservation Trust of the doves flying into and out of the ventilation access windows in the spire of the Chapels of Rest. They are a pest and we need to get evidence.

Then Andrew appeared with his family and dog walking about the cemetery. He and I are meeting for a zoom this evening as trustees of the Stroud Preservation Trust, who are involved with tryin g to proved a sustainable future for the Chapels. We both agreed again that it will be a very hard task. 

On my way home when the rain had really begun to fall hard, I noticed a gap in some bushes and realised I might get a view out across the east and older part of Stroud, called Trinity Ward, my former patch when I was a town councillor for ten years. I was pleased to find this view looking out to Doverow Hill which can be seen with the wood hilltop in the distance. The play equipment is the wonderful play area for children called Daisybank, which is a much loved green space. In fact the path running immediately on the opther side of the little wooden fence ia an ancient trackway which runs out and over the Horns Valley towards The Heavens. Anyone living on this side of town is almost certain to know the track and the wonderful walks it leads to. It passes beside our house about a hundred yards downhill from here.

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