Say it again: windy. I don’t think I’ve ever been in winds like this, where it felt we were about to be blown off the front porch as we tried to talk to a neighbor. The palms across the street were swaying, and not in a good way. Eucalyptus were dancing, waving their arms passionately to get our attention. It’s even windy inside the house when it gusts, and that's  with the windows shut. Most of the leaves have blown off all our trees and vines and the yard looks bleak and brown. Branches everywhere, trees down all over the hills, a half dozen fires across the county, because there’s a drought and everything’s dry as can be. 

I spent a couple hours in the (drafty) attic, finally stacking away the Christmas boxes, vacuuming up a lot of the debris that came down with the roofing job, whenever that was. A long time ago. But it’s done, all tidy til next year. 

The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts free performances every night. This is girls’ week: Carmen, Lucia, Norma, Tosca, Manon, and a few others. A different opera every night!!

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