By soozaday

"Just Joey" and a Little Morning Dew

It's rose pruning time, but the roses don't know that. So many of them are blooming! I bring the flowers inside to enjoy, but it's still weird to be cutting things down that are so happily growing. I'm not a very aggressive pruner, and I consider every cut carefully, so it's taking me a long time. 

We took our old cat to the vet this afternoon, to be seen for a string of symptoms and behaviors.  She may have a tumor, but this new vet didn't recommend any further testing or invasive procedures. It's nothing that could be fixed anyway, so we are to be watchful for any sign of her being in pain, and let it go at that. She is a little subdued after her big adventure, and we are trying to process the whole experience. We humans weren't allowed in the building, and were not with the cat during the exam. It's a Covid thing. They come to the car to get the animal, and afterward the doc comes out and stands around in the cold, six feet away from the car in the parking lot, telling you what she's seen. It's odd, but no odder than anything else under Covid.

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