Muddy Water

Got out again for a rainy walk just after 9 a.m. … the forecast was (rightly) less rainy than later in the day - it is chucking down at the moment and I am expecting a supermarket delivery…it’s going to be fun standing out in the driveway bleaching everything! No fruit and veg (apart from half a dozen bananas and a pack of mushrooms) - think I have a carrot and a courgette left in the fridge….thank goodness for frozen peas (I have two packs of those)….

Anyway…today’s blip is of the beck again - but this time as it runs near Clifford - the next village downstream. As you can see the water is considerably muddier than yesterday. I did pass the cattle ramp from yesterday’s blip and the water is not very much higher there.

This is the view as it runs over a little weir under the bridge. The land off to the left was the mill pond for Clifford Flax Mill and although it is normally dry(ish) there are a lot of large pockets of water today - looks like the beck has started to fill it up again. Here I have gone for a slower shutter speed to get some movement on the water.

No news from my mum - she is not answering her phone (which is not unusual).

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