By jessicadanielle

Breathing Easy

Today was a glorious day. It's Inauguration Day in America, which means that Joe Biden is officially the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris is the first Madam Vice President of the United States, and I think that there's nothing cooler than seeing a woman take that oath of office. There has been a lot of change within me over the last 1.5 years, but none more controversial in my life than my switch from a conservative belief system to a mostly liberal belief system. It's been a struggle to overcome that hurdle with my family and friends back at home, and if I'm being honest, I'm pretty sure that it'll never be totally overcome. Regardless, today, I'm happy. Today, I get to breathe easier. A lot of people all over the globe get to breathe easier. And that's something to be super grateful for. 

Steven and I spent most of the afternoon at Hel and Si's allotment. Steven dug up holes and planted trees, while I took loads of photos and kept him laughing. We took some video with the GoPro in an attempt to make a new video for our YouTube Channel. Most of my pictures today star Steven - mostly because he was the most interesting subject for me to focus on today. I absolutely adore him, and I've never been happier participating (but not really doing any hard work) in yard work.

To be honest, I could do anything in the world with him, and I'd be the happiest girl in the world. After a year and a half of living and breathing with him 24/7, I think that that says A LOT. Maybe I'll eat my words one day, but for now, I'm pretty happy to be exactly where I am, at exactly this moment of existence. 

I hope that Blip is the outlet for me that I've been craving. I think my photos can sometimes be good, but I'm often frustrated with my work. I struggle between the desire to get better, and the acceptance that it's okay to be amateur for now. Everyone is shit at some point. I have to remember that. So, I'm challenging myself to write more, take more photos, and get comfortable with not being the best at something for a bit. Just enjoy the ride. The experience. And do as my mama always said, "Trust the Process". 

So, today, I feel calm. I feel happy. I feel contented. Even in the midst of a raging pandemic and our 2nd official lockdown, I feel positive. I feel determined. I feel a little bit sickly, but, I don't think that it's Covid. So, that's good! 

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