By jessicadanielle

Sunny Days in Scotland

Sunny days in Scotland make me so happy. Since I was a little girl, (or as long as I can remember), I've always loved the cold weather. I love the crispness that comes with the winter air. I love wrapping up in sweaters and cuddling on the couch. I love drinking hot things and not getting sweaty. I love it all.

What I've discovered since living in Scotland is that the cold, sunny days are my favorite. There is just something about it that sparks an excitement within me. It makes me want to go explore. 

So, since we are still in a pretty intense lockdown, Steven and I have dedicated a long walk to every beautiful day. It doesn't really matter where we go. We just walk for hours and hours until my fingers (almost) develop hypothermia. Honestly, we are quite enjoying the freedom of leaving the house and being able to walk everywhere. It's lovely!

Today, we walked to the Ballast Bank in Troon, and we were so lucky to catch the sunset. It was a gorgeous one today, and I've been dying to get out there with my camera. 

Here's to hoping that tomorrow brings sun and snow!! It's time for Edinburgh to share some of their magic. :) 

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