By jessicadanielle

Dreaming of Traveling The World

Steven and I left America 1.5 years ago to travel the world. We had about 6 months of proper backpacking before COVID hit, and because of the pandemic, we had to choose a country to settle in for the meantime.

We decided on Malaysia, because we knew we could be super comfortable there. We had lived in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur once before, and we were already familiar with what the country could offer us as travelers. We honestly only expected to be there for a few months, and we knew that Malaysia offered us a 90 day entry without having to get a visa. It was easy, and it ended up being the perfect decision for us. 

10 months later, and we were still in Malaysia. We had 3 months of solid lockdown, unable to leave our apartment for anything more than a quick grocery trip once a week. Steven and I couldn't even take the same car to the store, because there was a "one passenger per vehicle" mandate. We couldn't go for walks or exercise outside. It was a whirlwind 90 days of drinking way too much, watching long films every day, and dancing around the apartment. It wasn't the 90 days we thought we'd have in Kuala Lumpur, but we were really lucky to still be able to make an income while abiding by the lockdown rules.

It was a mixture of highs and lows. Lockdown is hard. As everyone in the world has figured out, social isolation is not ideal for living a mentally healthy life. But, Steven and I are the best of friends, so we made it easier for each other.  

The rules relaxed around June 2020, our visitor passes were extended until the end of the year, and we decided to travel around Malaysia a bit. We travelled to 5 of Malaysia's prominent cities/or islands, made friends that we will most likely have for a life time, and made lasting memories. Malaysia has been, and will be, one of our favorite countries in the entire world. 

Considering the circumstances, 2020 ended up being brilliant for Steven and I. We know we are lucky. But sometimes, I find myself reminiscing on our first 6 months of travel with a bit of jealousy.

In those 6 months, we lived in China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. We were doing exactly what we set out to do. We were backpackers. We were living in a new country or city every month, constantly getting acquainted with a new culture, society, food, and language. We were living exactly the way that we wanted to live. 

I can't help but miss that way of life. It feels like we only got a taste of what we truly wanted to experience, and in those first 6 months, we had the most incredible adventures.

These few years that we've dedicated to traveling the world this way, with only 2 backpacks to our name, is a once in a lifetime shot. I want to take full advantage of this time that we have. I want to live in the moment. Feel the adventure. Grow as a human. Live this life simply and fully. I just hope that we get to continue the adventure as soon as we possibly can. 

Until then, I'll keep reminiscing on our past adventures with hopes that new ones are too far away!  

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