Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Being good Boy Scouts!

Wednesday 20th January 2021                (backblip)

The Minions must have heard us talking about the Flood Warning & decided that they needed to 'be prepared'!

They have hunted round the house for something to use a boats .... just in case! They didn't do too badly with the results of their foraging ..... though one thing they found didn't have a very flat bottom so kept tipping! Hope you like my bit of fun :-)

Been a tad rough today ........ wet & windy thanks to the storm ..... we have been lucky so far though .... much better than some are faring ..... thoughts go out to those affected by flooding.

Found out today that Mum is moving into the Home on Monday .... knew it was in the offing but didn't realise it was quite that quick!

I was 'volunteered' to organise a phone connection in her room ..... spoke to a lovely chap called Luke at BT who made a difficult transaction easy! Apparently although there is a phone point in every room it has to be activated by an engineer & that building of the Home doesn't show on the grid! So he had to work his magic to get it all set up for an engineer visit February 4th ...... Mum will just have to manage until then!

Hey ho .... that's life :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

Posting this Thursday ..... hope to have time to catch up with you all ..... please bear with me :-)

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