Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Waves ...... sort of!

                                   (backblip ... still playing catch-up)

The theme for this week's Abstract Thursday is "waves" ...... although as the 'crow flies' we live less than 10 miles from the sea it's a bit far to walk!

Instead I give you "waves" in the sky ...... otherwise known as clouds ..... I have added an 'emboss' filter to make it more abstract ..... hope you like it :-)

I have added the original as an Extra :-)

Thanks as always to Ingeborg for hosting :-)

Although we are still under Flood Alert ..... it looks as if the Minions won't need their boats as the river level is subsiding a little :-)

Hoping to finish catching up today .... please bear with me :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

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