The Malta again

We've got a weather warning for the weekend so I went and got some shopping this morning. It's the highlight of my week and my entire social engagement so it's something to look forward to. I went via The Malta to see how the river was doing, this is the end of the non-tidal section, the shot in the extras bin shows the view the other way - to the tidal lock on the left and the sluice-gates which are used to manage the level of the river. I didn't go and check but I'd guess that they are fully open to reduce the flooding in the centre of Maidstone, the water is already over the footpath around Lockmeadow and Fairmeadow.

Then a briefing this afternoon and topped off the day with a chat with Chris. I'll be leaning into my Lancastrian background to support Chorley this evening - C'mon you Magpies!

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