By TynvdB

Remember Your Grey Pinto-Friend?

Remember the Karl May Farm, on the heights over Helmarshausen and the Hainbachvalley?
We loved to drive to the Diemelheights Corner, leave the car there, visit the donkeys – that other pair – walk up to the Krukenburg Panorama. Staying there for a while to immerse in the splendid view over the small mediaeval town below and further on into the Diemelvalley. Then climbing up from the nearby Sheppardhouse halfway there is this bench where we would rest and enjoy and talk for a while. Breathing in the warm sunshine.
It was already late this afternoon I had my moment to sit there, take a picture of the Shepparshouse and to say: well, here We are again. We smiled and You knew already why I desired to walk Your Favorite Way over here: We are going to look for Your Grey Pinto Horse, the one You like to kiss. I have been in search for this Amicable Dear many times in several places already. After Mischa had chosen Your picture together with him on the Announcement. I did not find Your Pinto in that small hillprairy where I had fotographed You shortly before Summersolstice. In short, even yesterdayafternoon in the big Manege in Würgassen the stableboy knodded his head: No, this Pinto-Horse isn’t here.
On the Heights a chilly wind was blowing. Through the leafless branches in the South the red sun was lowering already.  Just before I arrived at the big prairy of the Karl May Farm, a young grey horse stood in a shed looking to me. Hello, no its not you i’m looking for, too young, Pall. And I went on. And there they were. No frost, so four horses were outside, slowly moving through the muddy prairygrasses. There he is! I could not see and inspect him well. A grey muddy horse in the dusk taking more interest in the food the farmer was bringing, than feeling attracted to pose for a nostalgic picture. But surprise, I bet I found him again, Your Grey Pinto-Friend. He has this dark beautyspot on his nose.
Then I went on to Our Oaktreebench, from where You love to gaze over the distant lands. Towards the soft rounding of the Deiselmountain on the horizon. Now its getting cold, the sun is disappearing. We turn around and remember this meeting again with Your Grey Pinto.Friend.

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