By TynvdB

It is good to feel growing and coming home

So, it really has been a special day. Three meaningfull meetings. And throuhout feeling gratified and upheld by some underground moody mix of light, joy and serenity. Perhaps ‚spiritual love‘ would express more of a total feeling. And perhaps more of its liberating rhythm.
This morning Willemiens sister Loes and I had a long video-conversation on Whatsapp. We share a lifelong relation. Since I came to date Willemien, she first was the jolly and curious very young sister. Later on when she had married her schooltime boyfriend, we took the initiative to move the antiquariat out of universitytown to the healthier countryside. And so we settled in a small rural village with three families. That was the era of “Small is beautifull”. Living and working together in a more ecological way. That started for us during the second half of the 70ties.
Just a year ago she and her second partner had made the great move from that old Dutch rural village to a more comfortable location in the east of Holland. A kind of move Willemien and I had already made more than ten years ago, so lucky to finally find our wonderful Carlsheaven settlement. Again naively expecting to live here until we both would be veryvery old. And now Loes and I were talking over living under Covid-restrictions…
In the afternoon the Grey-Pinto Horsefriend was calling me urgently to remake yesterdays awfull picture. So I passed quite some time up at the May Farm. He and his friends came much more close to the fence. But now and then they suddenly jumped away to gallop a round together. Next time I should bring my Lumix camera to have a more dynamic focus.
And finally I visited our old friend Gerlinde. Also to tell her about my successfull retrievaladventure. But I explained that even in the case that this Grey Pinto-Horse-Friend would turn out not to be the same as the one Willemien loved to kiss, it would make no difference. I do no longer feel urged to restore what was broken off so sudenly, to look around for compensation of loss. I simply  could enjoy this new kind of playaround with these horses. And after that to be welcome for a heart- and thruthfull meeting with an old friend.  It is good to feel growing and coming  home in a new kind life, unknown, simple and special.

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