The second half of life..

By twigs

Sailing away........

Early rise, quick ablutions then down to the ferry terminal at a little after 6.00am.  Coffee made whilst waiting in the check-in queue which was good…… was a pretty cool morning so I not only needed the caffeine, I needed the heat too.
The crossing itself was beautiful with none of the swells I’d been a little nervous there might be.  In fact, within the Sounds and Wellington Harbour it was pancake flat, with only the mildest hint of a swell across the Strait itself.
This shot is approaching Wellington Harbour, the windfarm sitting along the south coast of the North Island.  Well, Wellington is affectionately known as the Windy City so it does seem a sensible place to put a wind farm.
Off the ferry then headed straight out of town – I had toyed with the idea of a Zealandia or a Te Papa visit but the thought of navigating all the traffic put me off.  Maybe on the way home…?
SO here I am tonight just north of Ngawi.  Had a fun afternoon/evening watching the local surfers enjoying some time on the water (see extra) and now their waves are pounding just metres from my ears.  Think I’ll sleep well tonight.

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