The second half of life..

By twigs


What a wonderful sleep I had last night....must have needed it.  The sound of the ocean a stone's throw away combined with the constant swaying of the van as it was buffeted incessantly by the wind seemed to work well together!

The wind hasn't let up all day.....neither has the cloud or the looming threat of rain.  Well, not until this evening, right on sunset, when the sun burst through for a whole 5 minutes before sinking below the horizon.

So my day was filled with just being......not going, not doing, just daydreaming, counting sheep...and being.  And a wonderful day it was too, though I did break my reverie to watch the only Prada Cup race that was on today.  After a very close tussle Ineos UK managed to pull ahead in the latter stages to win the race that effectively seals their place in the Prada Cup final.  Well done Ineos :)  I'm not sure now what that does for the scheduled racing tomorrow as there's no real point to it  now.  American Magic is hoping to be back on the water to compete next weekend in the 2nd v 3rd repercharge but in the meantime, I'm not sure what happens now.  Anyone out there know....?

And with that, it's bed-time :)  G'night.

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