Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Oh no .... they've killed the candle!

Very cold today ....... it barely got above freezing!

The birds were all jostling each other & fighting to get at the food on offer!

They even managed to kill knock over the peanut butter candle!

We've had all sorts of different weather thrown at us today ...... first it rained ..... then it hailed ..... then it snowed! I did try to get a shot of the falling snow .... not a success!

The snow didn't settle ..... though we may possibly be in for more tomorrow ..... it depends on how far north the front reaches.

It is going to remain cold anyway ....... so I was very pleased that the warm walking trousers I'd ordered arrived today & they fit! I shall be wearing them if we manage to get out for a walk tomorrow!

Hope you are all having a Tigger-tastic weekend .... stay safe :-)

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