By Ridgeback13


Another stunning icy cold sunny day...
After a chat with A whilst having a lie in I got up and had a tidy up and made Ginger and Orange Amaretti biscuits (which were delicious!), then headed off to collect V and, having struggled to park at a busy Threipmuir reservoir, we eventually found a spot and headed off for a glorious walk through snow (only a couple of actually icy patches where we had to grab each other after her fall yesterday on black ice) along the edge of the water. Some hardy souls swimming (well, standing really, then rushing back out!) and others sledging, but mostly people were just lapping up the amazing views, sweet cold air and stunning beauty. Obviously took loads of photos but I like this one V took of me staring out across the ice. It was all beautiful and my hip only started to ache towards the end of the walk so hopeful the exercises are having some effect.
Back to the car for some tea and biscuits, then home where we faffed about with the TV settings for a while and shared (limited!) technical understandings, then collected a fish supper and ate it watching the next series of the glass blowing competition on Netflix. One particularly irritating know it all competitor but fascinating to watch them creating their pieces.
So nice to watch TV with someone - commenting on what was happening and chatting throughout - makes such a lovely change. Dropped her home and then returned with a goodie bag of soup and fish pie that she'd made and watched a bit more TV before bed - as usual I'm not getting sleepy and going to bed later than I used to but at least I then sleep fine.

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