Gold in the Trees

The Golden Showers trees are in full bloom at the moment and so eye catching and beautiful to see.  I liked this close up to see the detail.

Hardly moved all day apart from immediate chores that had to be done and were done early and out of the way. Wonderful to have almost the whole day just stretching out in front of you. Was going to head up to Kings Park as it has been a much cooler day but couldnt find the energy to get going so we just went to the river as usual.  

It was nice and calm there until 4 greyhounds walked their owners through and Toto went momentarily insane and quite berserkers - I think because they all looked so big from his vantage point lol so we raced back to the car and home ahhhh ;o). I was apologetic but needless to say those beautiful big dogs totally ignored Toto and his madness!!

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