a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Hurrah!!! We've had a snow day.  When we woke this morning the snow Gods had been and deposited a whole 2cms of the white stuff.  Cathy and I decided to make the most of it and were breakfasted, showered and changed much earlier than our normal weekend schedule would allow.

We crossed the golf course initially, which was already reasonably full of young families and sledges taking advantage of the snowy slopes.  Then on up past Longwood  to the crossroads (the second extra) and eventually on to Burnett (the first extra).  

From there we decided to retrace our steps which was probably the right decision as there were some light rain showers just after we returned.  The rain didn't amount to much and we still have the remnants of the light snow on the ground now.  It won't last but it was a delight while we had it.

I've decided on Cathy as the main shot - and couldn't resist the red phone box with some blue skies at Burnett.  The crossroads in the snow looked suitably moody, so what the hell, I've uploaded all 3.

Once we got home we set about cooking a rather delicious Sunday lunch together - after which I suspect Cathy may have had a snooze while I went off to edit the photos I had taken, but her secret's safe with me ... ;-)

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