Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis


How wonderful to have snow today! And as a time when everything is so repetitive it just made everything seem new and exciting and magical! Zebedee and I went for a walk round the cemetery together, Erin and Gulliver built a snow lady, Max went to the park and took some incredible photographs.

I’ve had a lazy Sunday and caught up with people, Three long conversations, I caught up with my brother who has been very unwell but seems to be on the mend hopefully, my friend Sara in Brighton who turned her camera on the sea so that I could look at the sea while we were talking which was lovely and my cousin Sophie in Sussex who has also been dieting, we have both lost about 10 kg.

I’ve had some pain in my back so I’ve taken extra painkillers and had a long hot bath after that was able to do my physio.

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