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By macintyregray

Take Two (8)

The years roll on and it's now eight years of this New Year's Day tradition.

(The cats utterly refused to look anywhere helpful. The bastards.)

2020 was, frankly, nothing like traditional and, of course, nothing like expected. Naturally it's been hard, as it has for all of us, but also had its wonderful moments too. I have continued to take a blip every day, but uploading has fallen dramatically by the wayside and I have huge amounts to catch up on - so sorry if there's a 2020 spam in 2021! (Aaaand I'm writing this in mid-January so... Oops!)

Here are some of my favourite moments from 2020:
- an excellent weekend at Pathfinders planning, which ended up unknowingly as something of a last hurrah
- absolutely nailing my banana bread game after years of cursed banana breads
- Morris dancing via zoom
- Caroline's enjoyment of her new (Sept 2019) job and a small promotion
- walking down stairs for the first time in 4+ months! (didn't realise how long until that moment)
-the unbridled joy of going to the shop in the next town over!
- turning into a pumpkin at midnight
- completing a Rubik's cube for the first time
- making a huge land dragon from found objects in the woods
- being able to extend my uni year rather than crashing through at home and burning
- forming a new Trefoil Guild and it taking off
- socially distanced picnicking
- discovering the route to the Thames
- watching the progressive antics of "the elders" over months
- watching a set of goslings grow from fluffballs all the way to full adults
- doing some volunteer gardening at the Guide centre during lockdown
- the quiet knowledge that even though quarantining in a tiny flat has been difficult we will also never get this time together back again and will look back on those mad moments with nostalgia some day

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