Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Evidence of First Light

A working day, which again started in the dark and did not end until after dusk.  It was a day constantly updating cases, making phone calls and in meetings.  I managed about 20 minutes for lunch.  

I'd been feeling totally out of control this morning with the workload, too much to do, not knowing where to start.  In the past that might have caused a melt down but I suppose all of the training on time management has paid off; I started to list out the work, prioritise the important cases to deal with first and by the end of the day I am feeling a lot more in control.  I still need another few hours to get back on an even keel but that should be enough to get things back on track.  It may be short lived - cases are coming through at the fastest rate I've experienced.  Fortunately, there was a drop in confirmed cases in the area today and as long as that trend continues, things might just settle down.

Anyway, as the sun rose I noticed how it was illuminating the tree across the road - I had the 200-500 mm lens on the camera, a minimum effective 300 mm lens so this was only possible by taking multiple images and stitching them together in a multi row panorama. Even a few short years ago this would have been a nightmare to join together, but the photo merge facility in Lightroom handled first time.  You just have to stand back sometimes and say 'that's amazing'!.

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