By suehutton

The Snow Fields of Shepshed

Carol posted a photo taken from around this spot on Facebook this morning. This prompted me to go and take a photo myself. Basil and I set off just after midday.

A thaw had begun but only very slowly. Fortunately the pavements were still passable. Not all the roads had been flattened into skating rinks. It was really quite pleasant. Basil yomped all around the gardens in Homeway Close making me wonder if someone would come out and challenge us. It's just that he loves the snow. He was outside in the dark for 15 minutes at least last night. We wondered if he would ever come in.

The weather was bright and sunny with a clear winter blue sky, yet only just above freezing. I finally got a good shot of sparrows at the top of a hedge sunning themselves. We took it slowly and steadily up to the field where there was a large hole in the chain link fence. You can see evidence of the thaw in that no snow remained on the branches of the tree in the distance.

While I regretted that I didn't manage to get a shot of pristine, unmarked snow, I have to say that the trails of footprints make useful leading lines.

We got back home around 2.30 pm having probably not walked much more than a mile.

After uploading the photos, I toasted a crumpet to go with the Irish coffee that Len made for me and settled down to watch the end of Attack of the Clones, which I had started watching yesterday. I don't think I'd really noticed at the time that I first watched it but the cinematic effects are tremendous. Haydn Christiansen still annoys me but I suppose that 's because he had to play an immature adolescent with a huge ego. How he got to be a Jedi warrior beats me.

And the dialogue is so stilted.

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