A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Tiny Tuesday 296 :: TT296 :: Watching

Frank hated his supervisor watching him. The 2 metre social distancing rule meant he wasn't close enough to accidentally hit him with the wet rag.

In the frame:
My love of Norman Rockwell: A carved model I made based on his 'Blank Canvas (Deadline)'  Saturday Morning Post front page from 1938 and his 'Triple Self-Portrait' from 1960. I made this enlarged stamp from a regular stamp. I loved how he injected humour into most of his illustrations.

The Queen's House by Edna Healey: A book given to me by HRH Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother for Christmas 1997. I am mentioned by name on page 410, but this is in the 'Notes' section...

The stamp album was brought back from Singapore in 1969 by my father who had been working out there on the film 'Virgin Soldiers'.

The Pentax was my first 35mm SLR. I have 100s of blank slides from the early 80s... 


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