By Colstro


Those of you who occasionally get comments from me will probably realise that I am rather stingy with hearts. I might give out a few stars, but I reserve hearts for images which I find particularly special and would enjoy coming back to again and again.

In return I do not expect to receive many hearts - most of my blips are not special (although some of you have been kind enough to give me an occasional heart).

However, today I decided to reward myself with some hearts.  The last of the Christmas stock of Lebkuchen Hearts made an appearance.

Another busy day.  I have at last finished my first draft of a photobook I am working on and my wife kindly agreed to review it.  She has made many useful and constructive suggestions - pointing out images which didn't really fit in, finding some alternative images, suggesting a different order to improve the flow of the book. It is always helpful to have someone new look at your work:  it is easy to get so involved that you no longer see the opportunities for improvements.  So still some work to do before I reach a final layout.

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