...wanna buy a church?

This is the Methodist Church in Metheringham and if you have a cool £295,000 lying around it could be yours! Another estate agent has it listed at £400,000 which makes no sense...

It was built around 1900, so no great history to it, but there has been a Methodist chapel there since the Wesleyans built theirs in 1840. It seems weird for a church to be for sale but I do know of several that are now other things, so not really that odd I guess! The local Co-op was a church at one time!

I've been to see the Folks again today obviously! My dad had been offered a heart-check appointment over the phone. I had to call and cancel it as he can't hear. He also refuses to go in for an appointment due to fear of the virus... He could do with this appointment in my view but he won't hear of it - neither Estelle nor I can persuade him otherwise!

When I sat at the computer to post my Blip a rather unpleasant looking spider walked along the wall behind the monitor then disappeared...somewhere! So I am rushing this to move away from the desk asap! There's an upturned oil burner near me should I see it - I'll trap it and get Brian to take it outside!

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