Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

No it's not your eyes!

Thursday 28th January 2021         (backblip)

Ran out of time to post this yesterday ..... also didn't have time to catch up with everyone .... please bear with me!

Why is it when you are trying to get a nice crisp image of a bird you end up with lots of blurred shots because they move ..... but when you want a moving image they play hard to get?!

It took me ages to get a shot with motion for this week's abstract theme!

In the end this was a sheer fluke & I'm not sure quite how I managed it .... this is SOOC!

It does have plenty of motion which is what I wanted .... thanks to Ingeborg for hosting :-)

Mum was 'buzzing' today ..... she had had a proper bath! The first one for several years as she cannot climb in & out! Good to hear her sounding happy :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

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