By LincolnWarrior

Gone fishing

Another cold morning but at least the wind had dropped. After a lazy start we got in the car and drove to fiskerton just outside Lincoln and walked that stretch along  the river from 5 mile bridge , which is 5 miles from Lincoln hence its name so allowing us to stay local. The river was very high and there was some signs of where it had flooded the cycle path we walked along. Next to the bridge is an area which is normally a picnic area this was all flooded and this heron was looking for food. We could see it through the hedge and we was that close to it that we was not nearly observing social distancing to it. It was still there on our return and we watched it as it looked for food this shot is not the best due to the branches taking me off focus but you can just make out a small fish has been caught . after eating this it flew across the other side of the river.
Back home for a spot of lunch and an afternoon watching some football and hopefully a film night tonight . Just seen the news that Captain Tom Morgan is in hospital with covid , get well soon .

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