Tara and the Coffee Pot

Indoors with my Sweet 35mm today using a smaller aperture. Better, but not perfect. You can see some focus on the coffee pot.

Tara is a little statuette I picked up in Loughborough a couple of years ago. A Hindu/Buddhist deity, the second of the ten great goddesses of wisdom. I think this Tara is Buddhist rather than Hindu. The Hindu Tara is usually depicted with a garland of skulls whereas the qualities of Buddhist Tara are compassion, loving-kindness and emptiness. Or at least, that's what Wikipedial says.

For the rest, I finally printed my three entries for the RPS DI Print Exhibition. I am assured that one print will make it into the exhibition.

The printer hasn't been used for so long that it needed to clean itself. It reminded  me I need to get a new  maintenance cartridge.

Basil and I walked to the post box to post my photos. The post box wasn't big enough for the envelope so I shall have to rush into the village tomorrow to leave it on the Post Office counter.

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