Snowdrops in the Garden

I spent much of today refurbishing the Digital Imaging part of the RPS website. I don't know if anyone notices but at least now when you go to Digital Imaging Online you will see very little difference from Digital Imaging. Which was the point of the exercise.

Don't think I mentioned that a camera club CompSec had to phone me up last night to remind me about the competition I was supposed to be judging that evening. Hope they didn't feel short changed. Frankly, sometimes you get confronted with photos about which you feel nothing.

Pam phoned Len mid morning. His brother John had died at 9 am. Pam looked very 'cut up,' Len took the news in his stride.

Out into the garden after the rain with my Lensbaby Sweet 35mm optic. This photo is a result. It STILL looks blurred. It's very hard to determine where exactly the focus is. I can only conclude that I should use a smaller aperture so that I get a better idea. And naturally, contrary to Polina's advice, I wasn't using a tripod.

Basil and I went walking late afternoon. Then it was time to settle down for garlic prawns with ginger to watch the very final episode of Spiral on BBC 4. They made it a happy ending which didn't really tie in with the tone of the series. Apparently Spiral has been going, off and on, since 2005, or was it 6?

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