Gary sells eggs on the Friday market. Quail eggs too. He was about to leave when I finally got to Hall Croft leaving just 3 packs of quail eggs on his counter. I bought two with the intention of making gluten free Scotch eggs. Must do that tomorrow. Gary said he'd have the remaining pack for his tea.

He's a quiet sort of lad. Just stands behind his table at the market waiting for people to approach him. He often sells out. I'm not sure that it's his regular day job.

I was playing with my Lensbaby Sweet 50 Optic today. I feel so frustrated that what I see on the back of the camera showing peak focusing does not translate into the photo. The point of focus is always shifted. But this photo worked. Great focus on Gary's eyes.

Len and I walked back up Kirkhill popping in to say Hello to Colin. The sun shone while we were there.

I'm sure that this morning I noticed a post from John Bolloten on Instagram about Saying Goodbye to Gary (another Gary). He was the protagonist, with his partner Maree, in John's photobook Love Story, which has sold out. From which I conclude that Gary has passed on. Let's hope he finds more peace now than he did in life. He was a committed heroin user. The photos in the book would shock those who are not aware of the life of drug users. It's a sordid life.

John, who used to be a user, has found photography and is using his art to document the lives of those who live in that nether world.

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