Forlorn Winter

The day started fine but cloud gathered by early afternoon.

Basil and I went for a walk round Dishley Pool in Loughborough, near the River Soar and what used to be the Astra Zeneca works. It's a very pleasant walk now that the council have had gravel laid on the path, but why oh why, isn't there anywhere to park? The car parks for the neighbouring sports grounds are opened only for matches. Perhaps idVerde Loughborough can explain that one.

The willows on the perimeter of the pool have been hacked and slashed back to make room for the path. They were probably becoming unmanageable. Swans, ducks, coots and seagulls on the pool. Reeds are lying dormant. But the goat willow has been pushing out seed heads since early in January. See extra.

I think today's photo captures the mood of the day. I read online that other people wish January would end. For me, it has sped by. I've been so busy.

Choir in the evening. Was pleased that I was able to remember and sing relevant movements of J S Bach's Magnificat.

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